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Tech5 and John C Dvorak Syndications…

May 17th, 2008 | Category: John C Dvorak,tech5

You might be wondering, “why do you see Tech5 posts from John C. Dvorak on my blog”… no, I’m not copying, instead I’m part of a test program Dvorak is running with a few individuals to auto syndicate his news stories!

I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am to be a part of this!  I welcome John C Dvorak, his great stories, and insights on yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows technology and more!

Thanks for allowing to be a part of your news and history!


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Comcastic Speed

May 16th, 2008 | Category: John C Dvorak,tech5
Comcast upgrade works. Now I get as high as 22 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. The numbers fall off when you go overseas. Apple rolling out 4 more non-exclusive iPhone deals. Yahoo being sued. It decided to conceal details for some unknown reason. Missouri woman now indicted for cyberbullying. Comcast still being accused of throttling bit-torrent. Sprint says 2008 WiMax. Yeah, right. I like the Aliph Jawbone. ASUS making all its motherboards "instant on!" Wow. tech5
Click to listen:  

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Many no longer care about privacy…

Why are so many still complaining about privacy? Do we really have it anymore? Have we ever? (subjectivity and life…)

lightpole, locr, 3Dtracking, locationTagger, and brightKite… are just a few free small software programs for those of us that love being tracked (marked) on our mobile devices, by everyone we know AND don’t know in todays ever growing online social networking society, and there are plenty more out there.

How many people know where you are, even if you have no clue WHO they are?

What about the ever popular GPS devices so many now have in their car (built in by the manufacture or portable) to help them find that restaurant or prevent from being late! I’ve also started seeing a few more (nothing new) Public Service Announcements regarding young individuals not really thinking about what they post online (as if this is different from talking to a stranger ;) like we did before computers) but another easy, near softwareless manner of giving away who you are, your location, etc. Granted you need a network connection at least (without sneakers). Can you actually stop using these things and still be an efficient (un-shunned) active member of current society?

Consider this, even though you can prevent remote individuals from marking you at any specific moment with these applications turned off, just try and ask someone who relies on it or loves it to “turn it off and find a place by human interaction or looking at a fold out paper map”… they’ll probably flip and think of so many ways they can’t do it without their precious toy (or how it’s SOOOO much easier with it). :(

Keep in mind, even if you periodically play (not just leave the marking app on for every drop of juice your devices’ battery will give you), you still make a virtual trail of every spot you’ve been and very easily where you live, work, play, etc. by simply using a tracking or marking application as intended (including but not limited to: online shared photos, (my blog), instant or short messages, email, etc…) This, in itself is like “talking to a stranger”.. you’ve told someone (unknowingly or not) multiple times where you’ve been, that becomes a little stalkerish, no?

In the past (and still present for some)… Being tracked by anyone, including “BigBrother” has been a horrible fear. My sister is one of those that believe the devil will be on your door step if you embed an RFID chip “the mark of the beast (a digital 666)” in your body. What would a priest do if they found an RFID chip under your skin (on your head?) Hmmm, seems a bit like a digital version of “The Omen” better, be careful.

I now have an RFID in my Passport, in my office door’s key card, possibly my license, and who knows what other things I have that have not been “obviously” brought to my attention (products on shelves. etc.)

Honestly, I think being a cyborg is a pretty cool idea, and technically feel that with all my gadgets, (aside from them not being embedded) are darn near installed in me, as much as I can’t seem to live without them! You know… the naked feeling if you leave “it” behind?

Still, few seem to think (sit and really try to understand) the act of “chilling“, the added stress, a life speed limit (how fast you have to (or can) go now that you have this “whatever” to help you along. Or, where the data goes, and where it’s stored when they pop online and actually utilize these services to find a local store or destination or just tell your buddy (net or real) where you are, will be, have been, a photo you just took, your last random thought, etc.

Read that last paragraph really fast, or, copy it to a text to speech reader and speed it up, go on, you can do it, it’s ok to use technology to help you out, we do it every day (now)… but at what cost?… after all, nothings free.

Society as a large group (not a whole) has obviously accepted (and continue to accept) these devices (technology) for the benefits they provide, (and as many things in the past) have managed to squeeze their way into our lives (or should I say, slip and sneak), causing us to let go of the feelings originally associated with the fear, panic and privacy concerns we might have initially felt. Is this not a survival instinct “fear”? Are you numb(ing)?

So, what about the “privacy” or “analog” or “human interaction” of it all? Have those words (their definitions) become as ancient as the paper map we held or drew with ink or carried to show our neighbor or hid to protect a private treasure? Do those of us that utilize such services like maps online, digital services or mobile destination location devices care any longer who’s watching where we are going, where we have been, our related “friends” or social contacts… and the permanent date/time stamp made on the ever growing and less expensive storage databases available today?

Keep this somewhere in the forefront though… what happens if the energy disappears?… the energy that makes it all work? for now, we’re not 100% powered by everlasting sources.

I realize this kind of story might cause some thoughts of panic in those that are far on the side of fear, but for the rest, (like my Analog blog) who are even the slightest bit techie and or way overboard (like me)… perhaps, just perhaps, take a moment, and give some thought to, “where is the traditional art of communication, formality, and human interaction (with people, paint, texture, analog, survival, overall “skills” going) where is it going with you or has it left you? If you can’t answer that question or even take a moment to ponder it, just turn on your marking software, we’ll figure it out just by watching you. ;)

This is just a part of my brains thought process. Sometimes random, possibly deep. Not meant to freak anyone out, or belittle or set aside, just social 1’s and 0’s that came from analog atoms in my head. This is one measure to get it out, help me contemplate it further. Do what you will with it, just don’t yell at me, I need to decompress.

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Twitterfone could make you a safer tweeter…

May 12th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

OK all, I’ve been given a few invites to pass along to those interested in twitterfone! :)

As always in life (presently), everything is limited and there’s always a catch, common, what does not have a catch in life?  ;)

I personally feel twitterFone makes my twit or tweeting safer ’cause my eyeballs can be up and involved with the world instead of buried in my screen.

Here is how you could possibly get an invite to

Tell the world through your blog or website how TwitterFone can make YOU a safer person.  As always, (it’s a pre-req for writing), be creative.  Really give it some thought.  Life needs a chuckle and something interesting to read, short or long it does not matter.  Make sure to link in your blog to this story using the url: and  We want to make sure all who read your stories understand who, what, why and where it’s related after all you deserve credit for your creativity too!!

It’s not a problem if the link is hidden in text like “” or, just make sure it’s clickable.

Then, post a comment on this story telling us where your story is and so I have a way to contact you if you’re the winner!  Don’t fret, your email will only be used so I can send you the invite, and you don’t need to give me your real name, a handle is perfectly fine!

You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only use a domain name once to post your story, (i.e. I won’t accept two stories from the same domain name) sorry.

At the end of this week, I’ll divi out the invites I have and if I manage to obtain any more from the kind folks at twitterFone, I’ll extend the contest!

Of course, if I don’t get any response, well then, I’ll just keep it going until I do.  :)

Make sure to follow me here (this blog) and “thecolor” on twitter for the winner, as I’ll announce it either via this blog or tweet it using twitterFone, whichever is safer at the time.  :)

Let’s see how far we’ve come

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May 10th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

Got my account, woohoo! Thank you Pat from, what a nice guy!

So, I set it up as soon as I woke up and got the message (Pat’s in Ireland, I’m in Seattle). ;)
Setting the account up was a breeze… thanks for that developers, nothing really to do but enter the invite code you receive upon request and your personal info (name, email, phone # and twitter info), that’s it.

After signing up, the’s site/page is as simple as that, (a single page). It all happens with a login, which is painless.

Twitterfone is exactly what it says, you twit or tweet via a simple phone call, no hassle, no major setup online, no multiple screens to go through, no confusing instructions from the botLady when you call, just call the number you receive in your email, and the lady asks you to make/state your tweet and hang up.

It’s not a local call (for me), but that’s not really a matter since LD does not cost me on my cell service, so (to me) it’s the same as toll free.

The first call I made I was a loss for words (wha?!)… yes, so, I just stuck the phone up to the TV speaker. And… after a 23 second call at 12:11 PST, out popped a tweet on at 12:17. Not a bad turnaround. The tweet was truncated, but that’s to be expected, twitter only has a 140 character limit. But, twitterfone knows this and places a tiny URL before the 140 char limit is used to the full recording and translated text on their site at

The first recording was quite decent. As clear as you’d expect a TV commercial to be, the translation was as well. The recording had an initial startup delay and missed the first 3-4 words spoken, so I’d wait a second or two after the “beep speak”. Also, it added “are” in two places that were not in the audible version. Overall, excellent! The botLady on the phone is funny at the end of your recording (if your silent for long enough stating “that’s a good tweet, bye for now”. ;)

My second test was at 12:48 PST and it came through at 12:50 (probably ’cause it was not english). In this test I re-stated my marriage proposal in Italian (a little fast and botched, but I was trying to fit it all in the time allotted) ;) Unfortunately, it was not recognizable, but at least it tweeted “Not an English language” on twitter and still linked to it for those that still want to listen to it. My suggestion, if you do plan to say it in a foreign language, say so in english first; like “in Italian and then the statement”… that way your tweet would say something like “In Italian… not in english… then the tiny url to the audible translation.”

Over all, twitterfone is exactly what it’s advertised, a phone call to twit or tweet. It’s a simple call to one number, with the instructions to state your tweet and hang up, and it’s posted in a few minutes, no hassle, no major setup at their site and no fuss to wade through to get the recording or translated text.

Good job gals n guys! For just tweets, I like this allot, ’cause it’s simple and fast!

If you want to make more than just a tweet (additional options)… see my vs post.

Update (thanks Pat) <– although not really the same application (by total function) as jott, twitterfone gets the job done excellently for those hands free twits and tweets. :) Now, I don’t even need to touch the phone, just use my BT headset to dial my pre-programmed twitterfone number and twit or tweet through the night. :) Oh, I love technology.

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May 08th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

Well, I can’t say I have a comparison of all services yet, as I can’t seem to get an invite to the one service I really want to compare to

With that, once I get an invite to really test this “other” speech to text service I’ll let you know.

Here’s a basic line up: > I have this account and it ROCKS!

Not only can I send messages longer than the typical competing services 10-14 seconds, it can be posted to numerous services by simply speaking where you want it to go; (either by setting up your Social Network login info, or by pre-populating your address book). Here are a few: twitter, WordPress, Yahoo Groups, Jaiku, Zillow, Thirty Boxes, Live Journal, TypePad, Tumblr, Milk Remember the Milk, Sandy, Xpenser, Gumiyo, Trapster, Mosio, Vitalist, Google Calendar, Recommendr, Toodledo, Nozbe, Mentat, Keep Up, custom Services and any email address or phone number, etc., etc.

You also only need to program one phone number to call in your address book and for the US it’s toll free.

At present, sign-up was easy, and quick, no invite needed (that could change from the time of this posting)… but over all it was a breeze to initiate and get started with right away!

It has a bit of trouble understanding non-English words, but I’m sure that will be resolved soon with constant updates to their excellent service!

I was simply ecstatic that I could leave an lengthy email message via my voice and translated it perfectly. (excluding non-English words).

I also enjoy having the option to create groups, that will allow posting to multiple services at once, such as twitter and my blog and brightkite, etc. Granted, I’m still looking for an all in one solution to this… as they all have such different features and trying to incorporate all of them with a group sending (blast) is a task in itself.

In addition to the other wonderful things, I tested the “length capability” with a long post I made to twitter, it auto truncates it with a url to the full post and audio track for users to read and or listen to. That is cool! So, if you go over the 140 characters with twitter, no worries, it’ll still be intact!

Coming through with a text message was a bit of a poo, their advertising got in the way of the message, truncating most of it… but that could be different if being sent to another user. (no need to advertise).

The home page is easy to use and it’s all right up front for you to use and see. Granted I could not find a mobile version to modify my account from my phone, at least it was easy to use from a standard browser… (setup). I could easily add contacts or socialNetworking accounts, etc. with a couple clicks! > still trying to get an invite :( .. but I here it’s cool. :) > signed up > it’s ok

They say on their homepage that sign-ups are processed by humans, hmmmm, (although a nice thought) the email confirmation, (sign-up confirmation) came through in less than 5 seconds.. I wish I were that fast at processing information and sending out the confirmation email.

Sadly, with spinVox, you have to use multiple numbers to do many things… I prefer a one number function with voice commands like Jott.

Their pages are lengthy and cluttered, (a bit hard to navigate in comparison to some) and setting up other socialNetworks is not as easy as Jott.

I tried to setup a blog to post to using spinVox and unfortunately it tells me my account is not setup yet. (perhaps that is the “human setup” they were referring to in the beginning.)

Also, I seemed unable to setup twitter or other socialNetworks without creating a “spinVox Labs” account?! Seems a bit of a hassle to use a service that is suppose to be catering to multiple functions… no? Why would I want to setup multiple accounts/service on one service to use other multiple services? Again, “All in One”!

Other services out there like and seem to limit you to 10 second recordings (per another user review)… (compared to’s service, I’m loving the ability to send an entire message, not just a short 140 character twit or tweet).

All in all, I am impressed with’s service the most so far. It offers many things I would most definitely use and will continue to. Should I actually manage to get a twitterfone account I’ll be sure to update the post and or make a new one regarding the new comparison.


My HYmini Portable Power Generator Rocks!!!

May 07th, 2008 | Category: green power,technology

I am such a tech junkie, I must have power for all my devices wherever I am.  While I frequently use all the functions of all my devices, it drains the batteries VERY fast, (I’m sure I don’t have to tell those like myself)… which makes this device, freakin’ awesome!

That’s why I picked up this solar and wind powered generator for my portable devices from  One of the best tests I’ve used this device for so far is riding my bike and using all the utilities on my Nokia N95-4 8GB Cell.

While riding, I stream music from the net, to my bluetooth headset, stream my gps location to a website for live info of where I am, and stream live audio and video of my ride all at the same time!

Typically, the battery starting at full charge would be dead before the hour long ride was done (about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the ride.  With this device, I managed (on the first use) to get all the way to my destination and through its designed function, still had 4 bars (of 5) left on my device!

I tell you running out of juice sucks, but with this device, I may never, unless I just forget it.  :(

Here is a video of it in use.

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My All Edges Brownie Pan, Rocks!!!

May 07th, 2008 | Category: food

The all edges brownie pan I purchased from is easy to use, right out of the box.

Always read the instructions, but the two most important things are, * wash by hand, no scratchy sponges, and soak / wash with a mild soap before first use.  Other than that, it’s as easy as making your brownies or whatever in the pan and enjoy all those TASTIE edges!!  :)

In fact, It’s almost like PacMan, you’re PacWhatever, and the brownies are your trail to a fun, filling tasty end to the game of food!!  :)

Here is an image of my pan in action

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what’s on your life list?

May 07th, 2008 | Category: life

I’d love to hear from you and know, “what’s on your life list?”.

I hear from many people, that they have developed a list of things they want to do in their “lifetime”.

I’ve never developed such a list, but have many things I’d like to do.  Given the increasing time of all our lives, do you think you can manage to fit it all in, is your list growing, tell me… what’s on your list?

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The Ride is over…

May 05th, 2008 | Category: biking

Done.  Sadly, the cell service along my way today was very bad!  More so that normal, so where I streamed live last time with no problem, it kept cutting out this time.  :(

Sorry abut that to anyone who was bored enough to watch.  ;)  Either way, thanks for watching.  Now, I’m home, so I will just stream the cinco de mayo drinking.  ;)

Like a twit friend said, Tonight I hope you will join me in using obscure Mexican battles to justify margarita consumption…” cheers

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