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I deem desiring followers “the small p3n1s” “big truck” compensator of the internet…

June 12th, 2008 | Category: blogging,friends,life,plurk,qik,social network,twitter

It would seem I’m a dope. Well, I’m sure many out there are going, “duh”.

I thought it would be fun to join a social network breakfast in my city today, (heard about it by following Robert Scoble). Here is the kicker, (yes dumb on my part), I missed it, it was yesterday.

This is how it came about. I noticed Robert was qiking the 1st Startbucks (only a short walk from my house)… so, I decided to plurk and twitter him using to find out why he did not make his presence better known to his followers.

In my curiosity, I was lead to a plurk on his page inviting us “his followers” to a S.N. breakfast “Thursday morning”. My problem, I got Thursday stuck in my head.

So, when I went to the facebook invite I failed to notice that it said “Wednesday June 11th, 2008″… “WEDNESDAY”, not Thursday, and just skimmed down to the time and place. :(

Yes, my bad for not paying “total” attention. But, a desire to be liked “high-school and popular type” was probably a heavy mis-director.

When we were young we all desired to be liked. When we grew up, we desired the same, (that feeling never really goes away). For kids, it’s spending your allowance on stupid things to share, candy, toys, whatever. For adults, it’s maxing your C.C. to buy a big truck, or a fancy purse, etc., to impress and be liked.

On the internet, it’s “being followed” or to get “eye balls” in marketing terms. You want AS MANY followers that you can get. Why, so you appear to be popular. I admit, it works for some, they have some interesting candy to share, or fancy truck, and, well… I fell for it again (like when I was younger).

Not really catching on to the psychological regress of “wanting to be popular” until this post, I too wanted all kinds of followers, (at first psychological assumption), to beat Leo Laporte and those up there in that similar industry. ;)

What’s worse than just missing the event and feeling emotionally stupid, the realization I’ve come to… that even when I plurked and twittered using about my silly faux pas, I additionally received “nothing”, not a drop of “haha” or “silly man” to even boost the idea that those that follow me might be interested in what I have to say “like me”, AND… I plan to plurk and twitter this post on to see if it gets any readers. Sad. :( Desire is an addiction!

Being followed is not all that, in fact, I deem, desiring followers “the small p3n1s” “big truck” compensator of the internet!”

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Is Plurk Twitter Plurk?

June 05th, 2008 | Category: blogging,jott,plurk,social network,twitter

Not a great translation from Jott, read Ammendment below for a more manual translation.

Hey Stoff(?), I’m using jott. Lets see how well this post from my phone. Secondly, Twitter and Pleck(?) are down at the same time. How can that be? by chance Twitter and Twurk(?). Twitter and Twurk(?), I should miss together. Call it Twurker(?) or something like. Are Twitter and Twurk(?) together? Are they the same entity. Are they down because the same service having same problems? You tell me. I wonder. It’s pretty annoying. People ask, will I go to Twurk, because Twitter is down? Will I go to Twitter because Twurk is down? I’m confused. I love Twitter. Twurk id fun. A little bit too flashy for. I like the simplicity of Twitter. Either way, it’s about the same thing, and they’re both having the same problems at the same time. Kinda be difficult to Twitter. listen to the audio version

Powered by Jott

Amendment to Jott…
Kinda of painful huh (the translation)?
Anyway, as I was saying, Twitter and Plurk are down at the same time (how ironic), and they sooo have similar functions, screens, characteristics, etc. Who’s copying who or, are they the same? I like both services, but I’m equally annoyed by their similar functions (or lack there of).
I admit, I’m a twurker (for a lack of better description, someone who uses both services), but I can’t decide which I want to use more. I like the simplicity of twitter, but the added “conversational” functionality of a single post in plurk, either way, they are both miniBlogging services.

All I can say at this point is, twitter, plurk, (one or not) please enable a direction, “working” or “not working” throw me a bone (plurk has some to spare from the signs of their avatars).

I enjoy using both services to much to leave, but sadly I’m drive myself nuts trying to get a functional page to use, be it site, twibble, gTalk, twhirl, whatever.

Yes, yes, it’s my own fault if I go nuts using it, but I can still express my frustrations and since my servers seem to be working better than twitters and plurks, I’ll just have to post my thoughts here until theirs are working.

Cheers to whomever comes out on top. My thoughts, join efforts, you both have something to offer.

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Jott just got better!!

I use two services for twitter, jott or twitterfone. They are good for their own reasons, although I might be leaning more toward jott for my overall functions. Why?…

’cause Jott just introduced the ability to listen to feeds, YES, any feed (rss).

This is freakin’ awesome! I’ve entered some of my favorite feeds, like Tech 5, and Tech Crunch, and twitter (YES, Twitter) so I can listen to those I follow as well as news, right on my phone.

Even still, since I typically use headphones, or stream it via bluetooth to my car’s deck from my N95-4 8GB it’s basically a text to speech stereo for news! “Wow”, is all I can say! This will help me in those situations I have forgotten to download a podcast or lack room for one (heaven forbid), or, if i’m on the move and something new happens and I get a text about it, I can follow it up by either reading it in the browser, slow, unsafe while driving, etc., etc. or, just call Jott and ask for the specific feed to be read! Oh joy!

Hope this is helpful to some, as it’s totally helpful to me! :)

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May 22nd, 2008 | Category: blogging,,life,social network

… then just click it:

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Google gah-gah over white space spectrum

May 22nd, 2008 | Category: John C Dvorak,tech5
Nine hurricanes coming. Sugar OS may be spread to other systems besides OLPC. Meanwhile the OLPC folks say the next XO 2.0 will $75? Har. Twitter gets $15 million. How to beat jet lag? Don’t eat? The Netflix box is a streaming box not download and play. This is not the way to go. Google now trying to get that weird white space spectrum. tech5
Click to listen:  

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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May 10th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

Got my account, woohoo! Thank you Pat from, what a nice guy!

So, I set it up as soon as I woke up and got the message (Pat’s in Ireland, I’m in Seattle). ;)
Setting the account up was a breeze… thanks for that developers, nothing really to do but enter the invite code you receive upon request and your personal info (name, email, phone # and twitter info), that’s it.

After signing up, the’s site/page is as simple as that, (a single page). It all happens with a login, which is painless.

Twitterfone is exactly what it says, you twit or tweet via a simple phone call, no hassle, no major setup online, no multiple screens to go through, no confusing instructions from the botLady when you call, just call the number you receive in your email, and the lady asks you to make/state your tweet and hang up.

It’s not a local call (for me), but that’s not really a matter since LD does not cost me on my cell service, so (to me) it’s the same as toll free.

The first call I made I was a loss for words (wha?!)… yes, so, I just stuck the phone up to the TV speaker. And… after a 23 second call at 12:11 PST, out popped a tweet on at 12:17. Not a bad turnaround. The tweet was truncated, but that’s to be expected, twitter only has a 140 character limit. But, twitterfone knows this and places a tiny URL before the 140 char limit is used to the full recording and translated text on their site at

The first recording was quite decent. As clear as you’d expect a TV commercial to be, the translation was as well. The recording had an initial startup delay and missed the first 3-4 words spoken, so I’d wait a second or two after the “beep speak”. Also, it added “are” in two places that were not in the audible version. Overall, excellent! The botLady on the phone is funny at the end of your recording (if your silent for long enough stating “that’s a good tweet, bye for now”. ;)

My second test was at 12:48 PST and it came through at 12:50 (probably ’cause it was not english). In this test I re-stated my marriage proposal in Italian (a little fast and botched, but I was trying to fit it all in the time allotted) ;) Unfortunately, it was not recognizable, but at least it tweeted “Not an English language” on twitter and still linked to it for those that still want to listen to it. My suggestion, if you do plan to say it in a foreign language, say so in english first; like “in Italian and then the statement”… that way your tweet would say something like “In Italian… not in english… then the tiny url to the audible translation.”

Over all, twitterfone is exactly what it’s advertised, a phone call to twit or tweet. It’s a simple call to one number, with the instructions to state your tweet and hang up, and it’s posted in a few minutes, no hassle, no major setup at their site and no fuss to wade through to get the recording or translated text.

Good job gals n guys! For just tweets, I like this allot, ’cause it’s simple and fast!

If you want to make more than just a tweet (additional options)… see my vs post.

Update (thanks Pat) <– although not really the same application (by total function) as jott, twitterfone gets the job done excellently for those hands free twits and tweets. :) Now, I don’t even need to touch the phone, just use my BT headset to dial my pre-programmed twitterfone number and twit or tweet through the night. :) Oh, I love technology.

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May 08th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

Well, I can’t say I have a comparison of all services yet, as I can’t seem to get an invite to the one service I really want to compare to

With that, once I get an invite to really test this “other” speech to text service I’ll let you know.

Here’s a basic line up: > I have this account and it ROCKS!

Not only can I send messages longer than the typical competing services 10-14 seconds, it can be posted to numerous services by simply speaking where you want it to go; (either by setting up your Social Network login info, or by pre-populating your address book). Here are a few: twitter, WordPress, Yahoo Groups, Jaiku, Zillow, Thirty Boxes, Live Journal, TypePad, Tumblr, Milk Remember the Milk, Sandy, Xpenser, Gumiyo, Trapster, Mosio, Vitalist, Google Calendar, Recommendr, Toodledo, Nozbe, Mentat, Keep Up, custom Services and any email address or phone number, etc., etc.

You also only need to program one phone number to call in your address book and for the US it’s toll free.

At present, sign-up was easy, and quick, no invite needed (that could change from the time of this posting)… but over all it was a breeze to initiate and get started with right away!

It has a bit of trouble understanding non-English words, but I’m sure that will be resolved soon with constant updates to their excellent service!

I was simply ecstatic that I could leave an lengthy email message via my voice and translated it perfectly. (excluding non-English words).

I also enjoy having the option to create groups, that will allow posting to multiple services at once, such as twitter and my blog and brightkite, etc. Granted, I’m still looking for an all in one solution to this… as they all have such different features and trying to incorporate all of them with a group sending (blast) is a task in itself.

In addition to the other wonderful things, I tested the “length capability” with a long post I made to twitter, it auto truncates it with a url to the full post and audio track for users to read and or listen to. That is cool! So, if you go over the 140 characters with twitter, no worries, it’ll still be intact!

Coming through with a text message was a bit of a poo, their advertising got in the way of the message, truncating most of it… but that could be different if being sent to another user. (no need to advertise).

The home page is easy to use and it’s all right up front for you to use and see. Granted I could not find a mobile version to modify my account from my phone, at least it was easy to use from a standard browser… (setup). I could easily add contacts or socialNetworking accounts, etc. with a couple clicks! > still trying to get an invite :( .. but I here it’s cool. :) > signed up > it’s ok

They say on their homepage that sign-ups are processed by humans, hmmmm, (although a nice thought) the email confirmation, (sign-up confirmation) came through in less than 5 seconds.. I wish I were that fast at processing information and sending out the confirmation email.

Sadly, with spinVox, you have to use multiple numbers to do many things… I prefer a one number function with voice commands like Jott.

Their pages are lengthy and cluttered, (a bit hard to navigate in comparison to some) and setting up other socialNetworks is not as easy as Jott.

I tried to setup a blog to post to using spinVox and unfortunately it tells me my account is not setup yet. (perhaps that is the “human setup” they were referring to in the beginning.)

Also, I seemed unable to setup twitter or other socialNetworks without creating a “spinVox Labs” account?! Seems a bit of a hassle to use a service that is suppose to be catering to multiple functions… no? Why would I want to setup multiple accounts/service on one service to use other multiple services? Again, “All in One”!

Other services out there like and seem to limit you to 10 second recordings (per another user review)… (compared to’s service, I’m loving the ability to send an entire message, not just a short 140 character twit or tweet).

All in all, I am impressed with’s service the most so far. It offers many things I would most definitely use and will continue to. Should I actually manage to get a twitterfone account I’ll be sure to update the post and or make a new one regarding the new comparison.


what’s on your life list?

May 07th, 2008 | Category: life

I’d love to hear from you and know, “what’s on your life list?”.

I hear from many people, that they have developed a list of things they want to do in their “lifetime”.

I’ve never developed such a list, but have many things I’d like to do.  Given the increasing time of all our lives, do you think you can manage to fit it all in, is your list growing, tell me… what’s on your list?

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twitter(ing) makes sense now, I think….

April 29th, 2008 | Category: blogging,social network

ok, I get it.  Twitter is gibberish if you don’t do one of two things:

1. twit yourself (you can understand your own conversations) and

2. follow the same twitterers being followed of those you are following so you understand what they (those you are following) are replying to (based on what they read of those they are following themselves).  Make sense?

Oh that was fun to think and say!  :)

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