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Jan 30

Waterpod makes Waterworld a reality

waterpod-ed01.jpgTaking the BioSphere a few steps off the deep end, the Waterpod is a self-contained floating habitat, getting ready to set sail in the waters around New York City. Wait a second… New York? Couldn't they think of more appealing waters to showcase this idea? Wouldn't you rather check it out in Miami?

In any case, Waterpod is built from reclaimed wood, metals and plastics on a barge, measuring 80 x 25 feet. It will be powered by solar and wind. If the designers really wanted to make it interesting, the wind turbine would also be used for propulsion — the world's largest airboat.

The Waterpod is due to set sail May 1st. “Based on an economy of movement,” say the designers, “this structure is adaptable, flexible, self-sufficient, and relocatable, responsive to its immediate and shifting environment. It gives shape to the communities of the future, marking a new nomadism.” Nice, though self-contained floating habitats have already been done. They’re called sailboats.

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