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Dec 9

Novatel MiFi gives you a personal 3G Wi-Fi hotspot

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this is cool and all, but personally, I use JoikuSpot ( on my Nokia N95, and it provides me with exactly the same thing, no extra hardware. It’s available for many other devices as well.

Novatel MiFi

has just announced the future release of their new MiFi 3G portable hotspot, and we are officially excited. Using the MiFi, you’ll be able to grab the signal from your EV-DO Rev. A or HSPA account, and share it over Wi-Fi to a group. For example, you can hit up Starbucks with two buddies, break out the MiFi, and all three of you can hit the Internet without paying for Starbucks Wi-Fi three times. The MiFi device itself looks just as awesome as its usage scenarios, as it just as long and wide as a credit card, and isn’t really that tall. Novatel is also touting that the battery will last for 4 hours when used actively, and 40 hours when on standby. Nice.

Mark our words – we are going to be keeping an eye on the news leading up to the Novatel MiFi official release. Expect to see if available for purchase in for first half of 2009.

Novatel MiFi gives you a personal 3G Wi-Fi hotspot originally appeared on Gear Live on Tue, December 09, 2008 – 10:59:19

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